Types of data we collect

  • Contact information
  • Your location data
  • Device identifying data
  • Photographs associated with each submission
  • Your responses to surveys

What do we use your data for? To…

  • … feed GeoVin’s environmental database
  • … feed GeoVin’s image catalog, with photos available under a Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license
  • … plot the coordinates of each report on a map
  • … contact you regarding your submission
  • … send you information about GeoVin (if desired only)

Third parties with access to your data

  • Infrastructure: DonWeb, MySQL
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Map: Leaflet
  • Communications: Google Firebase

Your rights

  • to access your stored contact data
  • to download, use, and publish the data we gather (citing the source!)
  • to participate and discuss in the project’s social networks (always respectfully)
  • to request not to be contacted with news
  • to mark the reports and photographs you submit as “private,” and not display them on the map or in GeoVin’s databases
  • to close your personal GeoVin account

What we would never do

  • use your personal information to sell, lend, or rent it to other companies without your explicit authorization
  • publish your personal information in any way without your explicit authorization in any activities or publications related to GeoVin

If you wish to close your GeoVin account and completely delete the information about you and your data that we have stored, please write an email to with your name and username.